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i always joked about being the fuck up of the family
but i have a feeling my grandmother and aunt and whomever else is going to passive-aggressively congratulate me on graduating 
not because they’re proud of me (ha) but because they look down on my sister for dropping out of university and college

tbh my sister needed to drop out. academia was killing her. her year of university was so bad for her mental health. she was drinking constantly. she got stuck in a shitty relationship with a shitty dude.
college seemed better for the first year and a half, but suddenly got really bad this last semester. she’d come home every day crying and/or screaming because of how she was being treated. it was so hard to watch, and i only visited her a couple times during all this.

my family is mostly disappointed because she was “so close”, having dropped out halfway through her final semester before graduating. honestly i don’t think she would have made it. i was considering dropping out around the same time, and really i pretty much did because i haven’t been to class in as many months. she wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

since dropping out she’s been so happy though. she’s been doing so much. she’s actually got direction in her life, rather than sort of drifting along like so many people with depression do. she doesn’t live a day at a time just hoping to get through. she’s motivated. she’s cleaned up and renovated her entire house, and got it on the market. she’s gotten out of her shitty relationship. she’s moving out to calgary with our mother. and she is so happy.

my family is going to be smug about me getting a diploma, because they think that matters. they think it’s more important than her health, and her happiness, but she’s got those. i sacrificed all that to get to this point. i’m so proud of her for prioritizing herself over her grades, for realizing academia is bullshit, and for doing what’s right for her. i wish i had the kind of courage she does, the drive and direction she has.

so many people i know are sort of just floating around lost in post-secondary, unsure of what to do with themselves. Mel figured out what she wanted to do, and she went out and did it. she made sacrifices that she knew would reflect poorly on her in some people’s eyes, but she knew it was worth it because she puts herself first. that’s what’s important.

and i’m gonna tell my family that when they try to rub my diploma in her face.
i’m also gonna tell them my GPA is through the floor.


Long Forgotten Friend - Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies

I am so proud of the Creepy Crawlies for accomplishing everything they have in their past year together. Their EP “Charley” blew me away within the first couple seconds, and every time I see them live I fall a little bit more in love with each member of the band. They’ve had a successful run together, and I look forward to what’s in store in the future. Check out this video for their first single off the EP, “Long Forgotten Friend”. It’s simple, but cute, and even features special cameos from Locutus and E.T. 

Report: Many girls view sexual assault as normal behavior



It doesn’t matter if it happened 1,000 years ago or today.

Something horrible is something horrible.


It doesn’t matter if they’re 20 or 200.

Doesn’t change that your relative is a piece of shit.

Stop acting like time frame somehow magically made something ok.

i just checked my marks online and almost had a heart attack because there was a “U” for unsatisfactory, ie failed. then i realized that mark was for the midterm, and that my teacher hadn’t posted the final mark yet. (at the time of the midterm i had missed an assignment worth 25% of my mark, so flunked pretty bad, but i’ve since made it up). okay okay okay i have to stop panicking. i know that i’ve passed all of my classes and that i’m going to graduate.

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if you can call them there’s a slight chance the person can/will shut it off for you. I totally would have haha

i’m going to call them today, but they explicitly state that they need 30 days notice. i’m hoping that since i’m still within my billing cycle that they’ll just shut it off, but i dunnnnooo. i’m not too worried either way really

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Man, I wish I lived in Canada. Not that it’s easier or anything, but I think I’d probably have been way less stressed out when I was in school

true. before college i never even worried about grades because they were just sort of handed to us. it’s way easier here than like anywhere else really. like it was average to get 80%, which is an A here I believe? i literally never worried about failing for twelve years of my education. there’s actually legislation in place now stating that a student cannot get lower than a 30% so as to protect their GPA. so even if someone never handed anything in nor wrote a test, they’d automatically get 30%.
(i only worry about failing now because i’ve been bedridden with depression and haven’t really gone to class for like 3/4 of this semester)

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You need at least 60% to pass in the US, but that’s a really low grade and it fucks up your GPA

yeah, i imagine 50% is like the equivalent. this will fuck my GPA up but like 1. fuck grades 2. i’m done college so idgaf 3. i’m starting my own label so as my own employer, ehhh who cares about GPA

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brown girls rule the world

I’m sorry to say this but if someone said “white girls rule the world” instead of “brown girls rule the world” then we’d have a major shitstorm on our hands.

You’re right! White girls (a) don’t need to say that, and (b) would have no reason to say that because they dorule the world of beauty conventions, standards of attraction, and etc. in reality. Brown women and girls are completely undervalued, dismissed, and quite often have their focuses derailed—as you so ridiculously demonstrate here—simply because they aren’t White.

So when a brown woman says something to encourage herself and others who are generally put down for how they look with something like “we rule the world” accompanying beautiful pictures of a beautiful young brown woman, that’s representation we don’t get elsewhere.If a White girl said it, it’d be doing nothing but reinforcing the idea that White women are the end all and be all to beauty and that everyone must be compared to their standards.

I’m sorry to say but throwing about false equivalences as if everything exists in a vacuum makes you look like a buffoon, and ignoring historical and present social and cultural conditions does not make your point any more solid than shooting it with a full clip would.



Comfortable chic.


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Last day of college selfie

Last day of college selfie


53% is passing? where do you live?

canada. we’re pretty lax. in fact, if i got a failing grade, i could just ask my program coordinator to pass me and he probably would as long as i didn’t fail too horribly.
i mean a 53% falls in the “marginal” category and has a grade point of 1, but anything above a 50 is a pass.

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