ALSO josh has consistently shown that he probably can read my mind like he will comment out of the blue about something i happen to be thinking about and it’s WEIRD and every time i bring it up he laughs at me so i just don’t bring it up anymore but anyway i think he can in some capacity know what i am thinking even if he doesn’t realize it yet

still constantly terrified that someone/many people/everyone can read my mind. if you are my friend and you are reading this, please reassure me every once in a while that you cannot, in fact, read my mind. or, if you can read my mind, just fucking tell me because i’m going mad with anxiety speculating about it. it would put my mind at such ease if i just knew.

this has been a psa thanku

the fan is so loud and it’s making the “happy birthday” banner flap around and that’s so loud too and my roommate is watching television on her laptop and the sound coming out her headphones is so loud and she’s chewing so loud and wow haha i’m going into sensory overload early today