What’s really hilarious about twefs waiting to basically call Laverne Cox a “[black] man” and a “rapist” to justify their hate ideology is that Stormfront does the same kind of waiting and pouncing on any story of a Black man being accused of rape to justify their white supremacism and considering that y’all are calling Laverne Cox a Black ‘male’ and a rape apologist/rapist, what do you think that makes you?


ppl r sending anons to bloggers now asking “have u seen whats happening w laverne cox? shes defending a rapist murderer”

twefs r going in rly hard w this campaign cuz they KNOW ppl will listen to it w/o fact checking

dont let this shit happen

debunk it wherever u see it

dont let this slide, because twefs KNOW this will work if we dont speak up abt it

Guy’s tinder profile reads “adventure peacefully” while his profile photo depicts him holding a dead baby shark on a fishing boat
Go away

I want to wear red lipstick tonight but I also want to eat a burrito #thestruggle